Umut Erhan

Keyboardist, Producer, Sound Designer

Bora Uzer at Babylon 05.04.2018


Umut Erhan, born in 1988, is a keyboardist, producer, video creator and architect from Turkey. He started music at 8 in a children’s choir. Then he took private piano lessons during high school years. He studied architecture at METU and during this time he played in various bands and projects in his hometown, Ankara. 

In 2015, Umut Erhan moved to Istanbul to join the cover band “The Shot” formed of well known professional musicians from Turkey. At the same time, he had the chance to perform with famous popstar Kenan Dogulu. In 2016, Bilkent University Department of Architecture invited him to give an inspirational lecture on “Music and Architecture”. In 2017, UE started working as keyboardist and music director for famous producer/dj Ozan Dogulu and his orchestra. He also joined the band of Turkish Hip Hop/Soul artist Bora Uzer in the beginning of 2018.

Apart from music, UE has been deeply involved in the art of juggling and architecture. He founded METU Juggling Club in Ankara and organized 3 Juggling Conventions that guested many jugglers from all around the world. He combines his experience in architecture, design and visual arts with music and started an unusual video series on YouTube. UE covers a whole song by using only one master keyboard and explains his ‘smart design’ techniques, technology and programming approaches for live playing. 

Keyboard Magazine” shared his tutorial videos “Thriller” and “24K Magic” with good compliments. UE’s videos received positive comments from notable musicians like Steve Porcaro (TOTO, Michael Jackson…), Michael Bearden (Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga…), David Rosenthal (Billy Joel, Rainbow…) and from many musicians around the world. His videos also caught the attention of non-musicians for their unique video editing styles -explaining ongoing sonic changes with visual feedback, using colors and animation. 

Currently, he is working on a new video project that integrates 3D object animations with his performance using Cinema 4D.

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